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• The importance of attendance cannot be overstated.
• It is the #1 predictor of a student’s academic success.
• “Showing up” means more than just attending school.
• It’s an attitude—a philosophy for life.
• It represents responsibility, commitment, and a strong work ethic.
• It’s all of the qualities that are crucial to student success—in school and in life.
• We are committed to supporting our students and families.
• We understand there are unavoidable illnesses and other times when your
child should remain at home.
• We also know that absences can add up quickly.
• We don’t want our students to miss so many days that he or she falls behind
and becomes discouraged or frustrated.
• We are here to help. Together we can make attendance a priority!
• We believe that well-informed parents help their children make good choices.
• Please reach out and connect with your school—they want to help with
any issues.

At Earhart Middle School, we understand that illnesses are unavoidable. Please be sure to call in your child's absences within 3 days of being out.  If your child leaves early for an appointment, a medical note from the doctor is needed in order to clear the child's absences for the day. Otherwise, they are marked unexcused for those classes they have missed.
You may email our attendance clerk at [email protected], leave a message on extension 53141, or send a note to the school with your child when they return.
Saturday school is also available for those needing to make up truancies. Please contact Attendance for more information.
We thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to helping your child succeed!

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